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  • Exposition: first stage of traditional plot structure; introduces main characters; provides background information; sets scene; establishes potential for conflict
  •  Rising action / Complication: second stage of plot; characters engage in conflicts; antagonism is heightened
  • Climax / crisis: third stage of plot; moment of greatest emotional intensity; turning point
  • Falling action: fourth stage of plot; immediate consequences of crisis
  • Resolution / Conclusion / Denouement: fifth stage of plot; unraveling of tensions; most questions answered; characters left to deal with consequences of conflicts
  • Conflict: struggle between or among characters or entities; how characters deal with conflict helps reader interpret or reconcile characters
  • Flashback: representation of past event as if it is happening in real time
  • Foreshadowing: references to things such as symbols that will have significance later in the plot 

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