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Syllabus Spring 2010 ENG102-0601

Page history last edited by William Patrick Wend 11 years, 2 months ago

Professor William Patrick Wend

ENG 102-06 11am-1150am ACAD 114

ENG 102-01 2pm-250pm ACAD 117


Office Hours

ACAD201 10am-11am MWF

EOffice Hours: Wednesday Evening 8pm-10pm


Voicemail: 609-836-0641


EOffice Contact Information

Google Talk: professorwend@gmail.com

Yahoo: professorwend

AIM: professorwend

Skype (During EOffice Hours and by appointment): professorwend@gmail.com


Schedule For This Week

Monday March 22nd

  • Introduction to Tragedy

  • Introduce Death of a Salesman


Next Class: Read act one of the play if you have not already. As you're reading, consider what you think Willie's values are. 

Remember: I will collect your A Doll House papers at the beginning of class


Wednesday March 24th

  • Collect A Doll House papers

  • Portion of video (15-20 minutes)

  • Discussion of first act and consideration of Willie's values


Next Class: Read the second act if you have not already. As you read, consider how Willie's values affect him and his sons?



Friday March 26th

  • Portion of video (15-20 minutes)

  • Discussion of Willie's values and how they affect him and his sons

  • Discussion of act two 


Next Class: Hmm...


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